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Multi-Family / High-End Residential Design Solutions   |   National Design Firm Based in San Antonio, TX      30+ Years of Experience

There are so many components to consider when beginning the design process, and we at IDBM know that each selection is an integral piece of the overall design and is crucial to the aesthetic of the entire project. Spending time to get as much information up front is not only important, but necessary to understanding all the parts and pieces and them all working seamlessly together to achieve the best results. 


We start with their lifestyle choices to get a feel for the vibe they want their space to embody. Then, we determine the desired palettes; whether they are bold and engaging, soft and restful, bright and playful, or classic and tasteful, these all begin the detailed design process. Our next focus is on the layout of the specific areas, determining what the function of each area will be, how many people will need to be accommodated as well as acquiring any preferences for materials, textures, and colors, all to make the perfect material and furniture selections. We always strive to go above and beyond what our clients hope to get

Design Process



Initially our goal is getting to know one another and then hearing about your project and what we can do to help you realize your vision. We always want our clients to feel confident in their decision to allow us to help them achieve their goals and then together we will come up with a game plan for helping them move forward on their upcoming project.



Once the parameters have been defined and we’ve had an opportunity to review all the various components, we will then present the client with our recommendations, a cost estimate, layout, and a high-level view of the overall process of how to move forward with their project. Once the client has reviewed our plan and given us their feedback, we can then begin to make their dreams a reality. 



It all starts with the design style, color palette, or specific attributes that we and our clients want carried throughout the project. By defining what these specifics are we create our “wish list” of specific key pieces or materials we would love to incorporate into the project. We work alongside the clients, builders, architects and construction teams to create spaces that feel completely unique and aesthetically pleasing, where functionality and comfort go hand-in-hand.



Once all the decision making and ordering has taken place, then the fun begins! The day we have all worked so hard for is finally here. We will coordinate the delivery and installation of all our orders with the movers and then to our delight, we will place the artwork, accessories, plants, florals etc. and make the final touches ourselves, at which point we can all enjoy the fruits of all the team’s hard work and be gratified with the results.

The IDBM team takes an idea or concept and creates a 2D design. Then, if that is approved, our team will take that concept and the sections that have been made and turn it into a 3D rendering so that the client can see how the final design will look in that space. This is a great tool that will really give the client the means in which to see all the selections come together and make any adjustments before any construction or purchasing begins.

3D Renderings

Space Planning

IDBM takes great pride in making sure that each area is as comfortable and inviting while being as functional as possible. One of our great strengths is that we evaluate the space before us, either on a blueprint or seeing an existing building, and then visualize what the space could look like once we have let our creative juices flow. We start by evaluating the existing plan or measuring the existing building and drawing up an as built plan, and then evaluating what is the use or function for each area. Then we do our fact finding on what furniture and equipment will be needed, how many people will occupy the space, and what is the overall aesthetic that is desirable to produce a cohesive design. Once we have all of these key components we then get to work!

Construction Specification

  • Flooring Materials and Locations

  • Custom Flooring Design and Layout

  • Countertop Material Preference and Color

  • Lighting Materials, Locations & Bulb Type

  • Door and Cabinet Hardware Specification

  • Plumbing Fixture Selections

  • Fireplace / Materials and Size Design

  • Cabinet Materials , Design and Color

  • Decorative Wall Treatments Materials & Design 

  • Custom Wall Tile Treatments Materials and Layout

Furniture & Decor

  • Overview of Recommendations 

  • Budget Creation/ Customization

  • Style Concept Development

  • Interior Color / Material Selections 

  • Custom Furniture, Art, Accessories, etc. Selections and Placement


Exterior Design Coordination

  • Exterior Style / Concept Development

  • Exterior Paint Scheme

  • Masonry & Roof Selections

  • Exterior Lighting Style & Color

  • Pool/ Patio Furniture 

  • Pool Materials, Locations ad Color

  • Landscape Design Consultation

  • Custom Monument Signage Design Consulting

  • Water Feature Materials & Locations

Esperanza Pool
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