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Multi-Family / High-End Residential Design Solutions   |   National Design Firm Based in San Antonio, TX      30+ Years of Experience

Our Design Philosophy


The IDBM team takes great pride in our commitment to our clients. We strive to make the entire process go smoothly at every turn. We make ourselves available when decisions need to be made or the unexpected happens, and work closely with everyone involved to always keep on top of how the job is progressing while keeping communication flowing throughout the entire process. 


Here at IDBM, design is our life! 

We absolutely love being creative and always endeavor to be at the pinnacle of our field. There are numerous ways in which we stay on top of the latest trends in color, style, and materials. Our Team loves an opportunity to come up with new innovative ideas of how to best use the spaces while also incorporating interesting palates, materials, and unique pieces that will feel fresh and inviting that will make your project stand out amongst the competition.


There should always be a balance between the Form and the Function of every space we work on. Function is the key to begin the design process, and once our team identifies what that is, then the form begins to take shape. With more than 30 years in this field, our team excels at what we do by using these basic design principles that have been the cornerstone of architecture and design for hundreds of years. 


Our goal is to be respectful of all aspects of the project we are working on. We aspire to under promise and over deliver, to meet deadlines, stay within budget, and execute more than what is agreed upon or expected! Our clients' success is our success, so we always work with that concept in mind.

We know that each job requires a team of people all working together with the same goals, so when working on the selection process, we make sure that  timing constraints, budgets, durability, and availability are all considered. 

“Michelle and Team, it is amazing that we have worked exclusively with you for over 12 years. It speaks volumes to your excellence. You helped create the “Ranch” brand for our multi-family pursuit, of which together, we have built over $200M. Your creativity and unique approach to establishing our identity is recognized as an ultimate contribution. Marsha and I can never thank you enough for your continued leadership in our design efforts, which go far beyond, just interior design. Your input into delivering alternative exterior design schemes to our new BTR has set us apart from the crowd.”

Ron Inscore, T.R. Inscore Development, Owner



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